Roaches shut down two Miami-Dade restaurants. Then there was the squid

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Either Miami-Dade exterminators have been busy or, as the weather warms, the stronger roaches roam outside. Most of the places the Miami Herald’s bi-weekly Roach Report were cited for dead roaches.

But two restaurants were shut down for live roaches.

▪ A March 21 inspection resulted in Balmoral Restaurant, 9801 Collins Ave. in Bal Harbour, was shut down for the day.

The inspector saw, “Approximately four live roaches observed underneath prep table which is across from central cook line. Approximately two live roaches observed crawling on wooden shelves which are above prep table in the center of the kitchen. Approximately two live roaches in oven at central cook line.”

And when the inspector returned the next day, was the roach problem solved? Not if you go by the seven or eight live roaches the inspector reported. Balmoral got it together on Mar. 23.

▪ Among the five High Priority violations that led to a Panda Express, 33550 S. Dixie Highway in Homestead, getting shut down on St. Patrick’s Day was the inspector who wrote, “approximately eight live roaches by the door hinge of the reach in cooler in front of the cook line.”

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Then, there are the places with live roaches but not enough roaches or other problems to get the red flag (although maybe they could use some Black Flag).

▪ The only High Priority violation for Doraku Brickell, 900 S. Miami Ave., on March 17 was a single live roach on top of a can of lychees while the restaurant was open.

▪ Miami Gardens O Young’s Jamaican Restaurant, 17325 NW 27th Ave., had two live roaches under the hand-washing sink and 20 to 30 flying insects having an air show in the kitchen on March 17. The latter remained a problem when inspectors came back the next day.

▪ The PF Chang’s at 8888 SW 136th St. had a live roach in a sticky trap under the main cook line and about 10 flies hanging out on the kitchen walls on March 23.

Now for the places where the only sighted roaches were dead roaches.

▪ Bahamian Connection, 4400 NW Second Ave, was cited on March 17 for four dead roaches under a shelf in the kitchen area. Also, the squid, octopus, eel, conch, crab, shrimp, lobster and crawfish for use in fresh conch salad that hadn’t undergone proper parasite destruction, according to the inspection.

▪ North Miami’s Bijon Restaurant, 827 NW 119th St., made the last Rodent Report partially on droppings in an unused oven. Perhaps that’s the same unused oven that had two dead roaches on March 16.

▪ The Carvel at 8349 W. Flagler St. had a dead roach on a three-compartment sink on Mar. 23.

▪ Friend’s Coffee, 7434 SW 48th St., had a couple of dead roach bodies on March 22.

▪ Miami Springs’ Lastreto & Gonzalez, 3946 Curtiss Pkwy., pushed the boundaries on Basic violations with about 20 dead roaches under a kitchen reach-in cooler on March 20.

▪ Milangas Restaurant, 2901 SW Eighth Street in Miami, got dinged for a dead roach under the counter on March 17.

▪ Morro Castle, 2500 NW Seventh St., had “one big (dead) roach inside employee restroom” according to the March 22 inspection.

▪ A couple of roaches in dry storage on Mar. 17 put Pride and Joy, 2800 N. Miami Ave, on this list.

▪ Maybe order soft drinks with no ice at the Venus Restaurant, 13785 NW Seventh Ave. — two dead roaches in an ice bin on March 14. Venus needs a flytrap — in addition to the 15 flies in the kitchen and food preparation area, there were “approximately seven dead flies” in a bag of food in the reach-in freezer.

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